This Measuresoft plug-in device driver for ScadaPro Server enables fast, secure and web-based data acquisition from WITSML supported devices.

WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) is an initiative within the Petroleum Industry. Its aim is to provide open, non proprietary, standard interfaces for technology and software that monitor and manage wells, completions and work-overs.

WITSML is the successor to WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification), an industry standard from the mid 1980s, that uses a binary file format for transferring wellsite drilling data.

WITS does not have any standard programming interface and limited data objects. WITSML on the otherhand is web based and built on XML technology. It is both platform and language independent, object oriented and offers rich data objects.

Supports log and real-time records

Data aggregation from numerous sources

Tested with Baker Riglink

Generates UIDs for well and wellbore

Multiple feeds to multiple servers provided by one licence

Screening of advance configuration data


Industry standard compatibility with third party tools and applications

Works on existing ScadaPro servers and does not require dedicated PCs

Reduced set up time, thereby reducing costs

Real-time feed of WITSML data

Platform and language independent

Improved data quality

Maximum security