WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification) is a communications format used for the transfer of a variety of wellsite data from one computer system to another. The Measuresoft WITS input and output servers or OPC Data Access and Excel RTD server records allow your OPC clients to receive and transmit WITS data.

The Measuresoft WITS Servers come equipped with desktop configuration and monitoring tools. Network setup is therefore a straightforward task while the WITS connection and record items are extremely user friendly.

Configuration is then used by the server to receive or transmit WITS data via serial port or TCP/IP connection.

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– Compatible with legacy (XP) and current versions of Windows.
– Available as 32-bit or 64-bit.
– Compatible with OPC Data Access v1.0 and v2.0 standards.
– Compatible with the Excel RTD standard.
– Support for up to 100 record types including predefined record types.
– Serial and TCP/IP transport.
– Echo feature to retransmit captured WITS input.
– Timeouts to flag transmission errors.
– Error value.
– Aggregates data from different sources and multiple feeds.
– Multiple feeds to/from multiple servers provided by one license


– Connects third party system to WITS feeds.
– Allows you to use Excel as a data monitoring tool.
– Industry-standard compatibility with third-party tools and applications.
– Works on existing ScadaPro servers and does not require dedicated PC’s.
– Reduced set up time, thereby reducing costs.
– Real-time feed of WITS data.
– Facilitates the sharing of information (used by many companies).
– Can easily be adopted and implemented by any company.
– Can be adapted to new requirements as technology changes.