ScadaPro Web HMI lets you monitor and control local or remote hardware on any device through a browser. With features such as a map, trends, data export and dashboards, you get a full visualisation of your data in a modern, easy to use web app.


ScadaPro Web HMI provides Windows authentication to keep your data secure. All users must sign in using an approved Windows username and password, allowing you to control and monitor who can see your data.

You can also recover forgotten passwords and remember credentials when logging in. Forget to sign out? Web HMI automatically logs users out after 20 minutes of inactivity to keep accounts secure.


ScadaPro Web HMI has a beautiful edge to edge map, which works across desktop, tablet and mobile. It provides a quick and visual way to view active jobs across the world.

With features such as pins, which change colour depending on whether the job is active or just contains historical data. When you select a pin, you will see an overlay, which gives a short overview of the job and quick access to dashboards.

A slide in menu provides access to jobs in list format as well as advanced filtering, e.g. only display active jobs or sort by date range.


Present your data in user friendly, fully customisable dashboard screens that are fully responsive to mobile and tablet devices. Customisable navigation menus bring an easy to use interface to your individual dashboards.

Our excellent cross-product compatibility allows any user to create dashboards and present them on the web in seconds with no downtime.


Quickly and accurately visualize your data with trends. With touch based navigation or the option to scroll/zoom with buttons, text based events, table view of time stamps, ability to select time intervals and customisable colours, line styles and thickness for trend lines and axis.

Data Export

Export all or a selection of your data using our easy to use Data Export facility. ScadaPro Web HMI allows you to export your data without any machine, device or bandwidth restrictions.

Data can be exported in many different popular formats allowing quick, efficient access to your data anywhere any time.


ScadaPro Web HMI not only has a rich feature set but a range of benefits making it an ideal solution for you.

Efficient & Scalable

Guaranteed real-time, reliable data with no dependence on slow communication lines. Web HMI is scalable with no interruptions or data loss risk as your requirements increase and your applications grow.

Cost Effective

Quick development and implementation ensure low cost and no downtime without compromising on the latest security features.


Menus’s and product themes can be customized to allow for full and unrestricted customization of visuals. Individual CSS3 styles can be applied to any dashboard controls, whether on a specific dashboard or globally.

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