Determine real-time Total Hydrocarbon concentration and evaluate C1-C5 species concentrations using PeakPro software.

Flexible number of gases supported with calibration facility and it supports continuous unnattended auto-sampling by storing each sample in separate log files.

Flexible peak annotation with all calculation variables reviewable for each gas detected and active threshold determination minimizes the effect of instrument signal drift.

Sample reprocessing utility allows the user to make informed decisions of chromatogram processor evaluation and interpretation.

Real-time calibration and calibration file selection utilities allow the user to control how the processor shall interpret collected data.

User adjustable sample filtering and peak detection values allow the software to be tuned specifically to each instrument for precise, reproducible results.

Integrate signals from one or more gas detectors or other monitoring equipment, dynamic RT gating allows the processor to make informed decisions in peak detection and dynamic viewing of change and effect.