The automotive sector is poised to go through an every faster technology revolution as vehicle engineering meets M2M and vehicles are no longer an independent appliance with an embedded control system but are, instead, part of a fully integrated transportation solution for the customer.

Henceforth, vehicle manufacturers, instead of selling a car and relinquishing a direct relationship with the customer should be adopting a SaaS (Software as a Service) and even Paas (Platform as a Service) opening the vehicle up to 3rd party product integration far wider than Bluetooth.

The big data opportunity to inform procurement and intuitevly adjust vehicles to the way they are driven by an individual will be expected with the democratization of technology from manufacturers such as Tesla. Manufacturing processes too will need to change/improve. Measuresoft has worked with both Volvo (engine testing) and Ford (environmental testing) and is keen to leverage transferability of ideas from other sectors with automotive customers.