A ScadaPro extension for calculating, monitoring and recording drilling data for mud logging services.

DrillPro supports multiple sensor types for the determination of drilling depth and bit position. These include input signals from devices such as rig geolographs and encoders mounted on the crown and draw-works.

DrillPro allows the operator to interface a variety of sensor products from third party vendors, giving flexibility on product sourcing and selection.

Rather than accepting an imposed package solution, the operator has the ability to select the devices available in their market area. The associated logging and display system allows the drilling process to be displayed in a flexible format. Displays can be configured according to customer preferences.

Data acquisition from a variety of equipment including OPC Servers, Alphascan, Datascan, WITS, WITSML and Modbus. Flexible data logger historians, allowing data to be recorded and trended by time, depth and event and recorded in files or databases.

Client/server architecture distributes displays to PCs and monitors such as the company man, toolpusher, driller, geologist and other personnel around the rig. Site to office streaming of data to Internet servers over low bandwidth connections.

Configurable graphical monitor and playback trends to build your own customised screen formats. Data export to Log Drawing and other packages via text file as well as adjustable reporting to Excel. Configurable Depth Measurement Logic.

Depth and bit position values, Heave compensation monitoring, drilling operation status detection and determination, well geometry and real-time hydraulics calculations, real-time vertical depth calculation based on entered deviation survey data.

Facility to define pump characteristics and to calculate the total pump output for up to 6 mud pumps with pump type and pump output calculation.

32-Pit Volume sensors with availability of multi-totalisers. Lagged depth calculation and lagged depth database strokes, volume, temperature, density and conductivity values.


DrillPro provides a wide range of benefits.

Flexibility allows you to interface with a variety of sensor products.


Tailor displays based on your preferences and requirements.


DrillPro provides real-time access to data anytime, anywhere.

Perpetual Licencing

This allows you to budget for the software under capital expenditure as opposed to costly and inflexible ongoing rental agreements.

Service Quality

Measuresoft offers exceptional service with guaranteed reliability from our software, including online remote support of your rig PCs.

Proven Track Record

DrillPro has been successfully deployed in North America, South America, Middle East, and West Africa.

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