Expro PowerChokes
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Company Profile

Expro PowerChokes designs and manufactures automated chokes, relief valves, drilling rig controls and multiple other products for drilling, well test, flowback and production applications.

The Situation

Expro PowerChokes field engineers needed a way to calculate the choke bean size based on input entered by the user when not at a PC. Expro also needed a way to easily manage the app by updating choke data and viewing a list of registered users through a website. As the app would be used by a wide range of users, it needs to run across iOS and Android.

The Solution

Bean Sizer, an Android and iOS based universal app that runs across phones and tablets provides a solution for calculating a bean size whilst in the field. A web app is also provided to securely and easily manage the mobile app. Mobile Features include:

Mobile Features include:    

     ○  Universal app designed for phones and tablets.
     ○  Available on iOS and Android.
     ○  User Registration.
     ○  Ability to update choke data.
     ○  Perform a calculation to display the closest existing bean size and calculated bean size.

Web App Features Include:

             ○  Update Choke Data.
             ○  Update Region Data.
             ○  View a list of registered app users.
             ○  Create and manage admin that can use the web app.


Our solution offers a range of benefits.

A solution that can be used across tablet and mobile.

Quickly and easily perform calculations.

Admin can see all users that have registered to use the app.

Update choke data and region data without updating the app.

Secure admin web app to manage the mobile app.

Can be easily extended to Blackberry OS and Windows.