An advanced system for high-speed data acquisition in turbine and other test environments.


About Stratis

Measuresoft's Support Testing Recorder And Turbine Interface Solution (STRATIS) is an advanced system for high-speed data acquisition in turbine and other test environments. 

Built on Measuresoft's proven ScadaPro software, providing data collection, calculations, storage, trending, exporting, and reporting functions. Our data acquisition system offers the operator flexibility in a robust and proven package to meet your specific requirements and engine test procedures.

Stratis Design


STRATIS engine and facility control system is designed to employ independent Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for safety interlocks and interaction of various test cell and engine control functions.

The system Human Machine Interface (HMI), with optional touchscreen capabilities, provides operator with the ability to control facility settings easily, safely, and effectively. Control of engine PLC system shall be performed utilizing the dedicated Engine test controller that is typically mounted near operator and throttle system.

Stratis DAQ Interface

DAQ System

STRATIS real-time display interfaces to our DAQ system containing signal conditioners in a consolidated rack mountable solution via a high speed link and displays information in real-time. It provides the necessary information for the operators to observe test parameters and control the engine.

Stratis Screen

HMI with optional touch screen, designed to interface facility PLC, provides the operator the ability to manage test cell system controls and safety interlocks:

- Engine starting
- Fuel system
- Dynamometer
- Anti-ice
- Fault indication
- Ignition
- Bleed air
- Emergency stop
- Force to idle
- Safety interlocks

Stratis Screen


Measuresoft's STRATIS software is based on the proven proprietary ScadaPro software platform. It provides an organized platform from which data can be stored, trended and analyzed.

It's features include:

- View and record real-time data.
- Data export into Excel format for generating reports.
- Storing engine meta data.
- Selectable test parameters to various engine and test types.
- Real-time data trending/graphing.
- Configurable test automation sequences.

Stratis Icon


Our experienced resources provide innovative and cost effective solutions to turbine engine testing needs. Measuresoft has designed a wide range of products, which enable us to deliver systems which are easy to install and maintain, and easier to use.

Our goal of continuous improvement and technical innovation allows us to design custom systems to meet specific needs of our customers.

- Test Equipment
- Data acquisition systems
- Real-time display
- Control interface
- Components/Accessories
      - Throttle Systems
      - Intercome Systems


Learn about the features that Stratis has to offer.

- Easily configurable for various engines and test specifications.

- Real-time high speed data collection.
- Data Logging and recording.

- Visual and audible warning and alarm annunciation.

- Data smoothing capabilities.
- Signal calibration capable.

- Automated limits and safety interlocks.
- Configurable automated process control.

- Independent data acquisition system.
- Optional redundant avionics data bus interface.

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