Louth County Council

Company Profile

The Louth County Council is the local government authority of County Louth in the Republic of Ireland; it is responsible for Housing/Community, Roads/Transport, Urban planning and development, Amenity, Culture and Environment. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has established a sustainable energy community programme in Dundalk, called Dundalk 2020 – the vision of which is “To stimulate a national move towards sustainable energy practice through demonstration in an exemplar community.”

The Situation

One of the very important roles that the Louth County Council fills is the welfare of stray dogs, by providing a housing facility to keep them safe, warm and feed until alternatives can be found. Keeping the housing facility warm and functional can cost a great deal of money due to continuous electrical charges. As part of the Dundalk 2020, a 2.5 kW turbine was installed in 2005 at the County Animal Compound in Dromiskin, which generates approximately 30 per cent of the electrical needs of the building.

The Solution

In conjunction with Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) (which established The Centre for Renewable Energy in 2002 with the aim of assisting with Ireland’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, through research, academic programmes and information dissemination), and the Louth County Council, Measuresoft developed a monitoring system to work alongside the wind turbine and photovoltaic solar panels, which could be accessed online via our WebHMI product.

ScadaPro records the data every 5 seconds locally and then pushes this data to a secure hosted server. Measuresoft WebHMI product allows clients view current and historical data on pc, phone or tablet connected to the internet.


Our solution offers a range of benefits.

This system can be extended to allow DKIT to accurately monitor renewable energy project involving the turbine and solar panels remotely from within any browser.

The turbine’s current and past performance can be monitored remotely on any browser via a web interface.

The turbine data is permanently archived so that historical turbine performance can be used.